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Enjoy a complimentary Uber Taxi trip upon any booking of any Goldjoy cruise product

From March 1, 2023 onwards, by booking any cruise products (including Hong Kong departure cruise tours) through Goldjoy Holidays, guests will receive one complimentary Uber Taxi trip to airport or pier. Please contact the Goldjoy Cruise Department for details. Resort World One sailings not included Click for Latest Cruise Deals

Goldjoy Uber Taxi Redemption Instructions

Step 1: Download the Uber APP (you must create an account and bind a valid credit card. *Uber App does not accept Apple Pay and you must bind a credit card separately) iOS| Android

Step 2: Receive a WhatsApp message from Goldjoy crew 1-2 days before departure,Click the link to download the Uber voucher to your Uber wallet uber step1

Step 3: On the day of departure, open the Uber App, enter the route, and then select Uber Taxi (do not select Uber or Uber X) UBER STEP2UBER STEP 2b

Step 4: Apply the Goldjoy Voucher and enjoy your trip! Uber step 34


  • The upper limit of the Goldjoy Uber Taxi voucher is HK$300. If the fare exceeds HK$300, the difference will be deducted from your credit card
  • Customer booking Resort World One will be entitled complimentary Goldjoy Uber Taxi voucher up to HK$100, the difference will be deducted from your credit card
  • The Goldjoy Uber Taxi coupon only provides one-way trips to/from the airport/pier
  • Goldjoy Uber Taxi is a point-to-point service and does not provide midway stops