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Spectrum of the Seas Check-in and Boarding Procedures

To ensure for a smooth check-in and boarding process at the Kai Tak cruise terminal, please read the following check-in & pre-boarding procedures and remember to bring all your required travel documents

Pre-Boarding Preparations and Procedures

  1. Install the Leave Home Safe mobile application

    安心出行 Leave Home Safe

  2. All guests aged 16 and above are required to complete full COVID-19 vaccination 14 days prior to departure.

    • On/before 8Feb2022 sailing: Passengers between the ages of 12 and 17* must ensure that they have received one dose of Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine or one dose of BioNTech's new coronavirus disease vaccine 14 days before sailing.
    • On/after 9Feb2022 sailing: Passengers between the ages of 12 and 17* must ensure that they have received two doses of Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine or one dose of BioNTech's new coronavirus disease vaccine 14 days before sailing.
  3. From January 5, 2022, Royal Caribbean will require that guests who have been out of port within 28 days before boarding and guests who are required to undergo mandatory government testing will not be allowed to board the ship during the mandatory testing period. If the guest has been in these places, it will be displayed in the infection risk notification column of the Safe Travel app. At that time, the guest needs to show Safe Travel at the terminal and fill in the health questionnaire to report the relevant information 4.Guests who are not suitable for vaccinations against COVID-19 must use the designated form provided on the website for COVID-19 vaccines to make a statement and not less than before departure submit the relevant medical certificate to the cruise company for verification 30 days before of sailing.

  4. The 14th day after a person has completed a COVID-19 vaccination course is counted by taking the next day after the person received all of the recommended dose(s) of COVID-19 vaccine as the 1st day. For example, for a person who has not been infected with COVID-19 previously and received the last recommended dose of COVID-19 vaccine on 10 August 2021, the "1st day" would be 11 August and the "14th day" would be 24 August. This person can be considered "fully vaccinated" starting on 24 August.

  5. All test results of testing done within 48 hours prior to boarding by local COVID-19 RT-PCR testing institutions recognised by the HKSAR Government are acceptable. And RT-PCR nucleic acid test must be performed using combined nasal and throat swabs. For example, the boarding day is 24 October, the specimen should be collected after 22 October 1pm, otherwise it will not be acceptable.

  6. For children aged below 6, or guests who have undergone throat or nasal operations, are not suitable for the combined swabs test, stool tests are also accepted as an alternative.

    • Royal Caribbean accepts the Covid-19 negative test results test via SMS, "Leave Home Safe" app or "Healthcare" app.
  7. Identifications Documents

    Hong Kong Local Residents:

    • Aged 11 and above: "HKSAR Passport" or "HK Permanent ID Card"
    • Aged below 11: "Hong Kong SAR Passport” or re-entry permit

    Foreigners residing in Hong Kong:

    • All ages: "Original Passport + HK ID Card/other Stay Permission Endorsement"
    • Passport Validity: Over 6 months
  8. Guests who wish to use HKID cards to check-in can only check-in at the cruise terminal.

  9. Boarding Documents: SetSail Pass from online check-in

Boarding Procedures

  1. Guests are required to complete Online Check-In no later than 3 days prior to sailing and present SetSail Pass at the cruise terminal.
  2. Guests are recommended to arrive the cruise terminal at assigned arrival time and check-in your luggage (with printed luggage tags) at luggage check-in counter (Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Coach Bays 1-20).
  3. Once your luggage are checked-in and temperature checked to be below 38°C, enter “Check-In Hall A” on the second floor from the escalator in “Baggage Hall A” or the elevator at the atrium.
  4. Entering “Check-In Hall A,” have all required documentation, vaccination record and PCR test result ready, and check-in at the counter after taking your security photo. If you display any symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival, re-test will be arranged.
  5. After checking-in, guests will pass through security with their identity documents.

Please also read the latest information about check-in and boarding procedures on Royal Caribbean's official website.

Download Spectrum of the Seas Boarding Preparation PDF

Goldjoy Smart Tips

  • Guests are reminded to bring your own toothbrush and toothpastes, to avoid having to buy your own onboard of the cruise ship.
  • Please check in early to avoid the crowds, check-in starts from 1pm. Once onboard, you will be able to enjoy the cruise and dining facilities.
  • Please bring a power plug converter for your electronics.

Spectrum of the Seas - Power Plugs

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