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Implementation of new measures to uphold the cruise safety on Genting Dream from 1 December 2021

In order to uphold the ship board cruise safety, we are going to implement the followings on Genting Dream Hong Kong sailings departures from 1 December 2021:

1) Guests that are unfit for vaccination, including those with a medical certificate will NOT be eligible to cruise on Genting Dream

English Version : http://campaign.dreamcruiseline.com/2021/campaign/genting-dream-cruiser-guide/en.html

2) All guests, including flight crew that have travelled overseas within 28 days of the cruise departure date, regardless of travel history, will be prohibited from taking a cruise.

3)Recovered COVID-19 guests would only be allowed to join the cruises after 180 days from their recovery date or date of discharged from the hospital.

4)All guests that have been to Mainland China areas (other than Guangdong Province), Macao and Taiwan within 21 days of their departure date will be unable to board Genting Dream.

For passengers who have booked on Genting Dream and are affected by the above new measures, the passengers can choose to use our Cruise As You Wish Policy or apply for cancellation of refund by 8 December 2021. https://campaign.dreamcruiseline.com/2020/edm/06/sc/cruise-as-you-wish.html .